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This website is sanctioned by the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada of the United Religious and Military Orders of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, of the Order of the Temple – Knights Templar of Canada. All rights and privileges are the exclusive property of this Christian Masonic body. All images are copyrighted and thusly, any public/educational use of the images or information contained within must be acknowledged explicitly and accordingly. Commercial use of any images and/or information contained within must be granted through the Chancery of the Order. The images, information, and background context provided within this website are presented for the sole purpose of educating the public on the long tradition and rich history of Militia Templi in Canada, now in our One hundred and Sixtieth Year under the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada. It is hoped that by providing historical images/information of a varied nature that discussion, thought and research will be stimulated on a variety of levels. For far too long, the existence of the Sovereign Great Priory and its intertwining with Canada’s own rich history has remained in the shadows. 

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