Hugh de Payens Premier No. 1

Warrant date: 12 February 1824
Meets first Tuesday of each month except July, August and September
Presiding Preceptor: Em. Kt. William Lewis
Registrar: R. Em. Kt.: Maurice Hebert


Warrant dated February 12, 1824 – First listed on 1871 Roll


English Warrant, No. 22 ER, of February 12, 1824, had been issued by Ziba Marcus Phillips, for an Encampment of Knights Templar attached to St. John’s Lodge and Ancient Frontenac Royal Arch Chapter. The Encampment was “quiescent” from 1849 to 1854 when it was “revived” by Col. W. J. B. MacLeod Moore. At the revival the name used was St. John of Jerusalem Encampment although this was quickly changed to Hugh de Payens. Warrant No. 22 was officially revived (reissued) by England on March 10, 1854, the date being stated in the (first) Proceedings of the Provincial Grand Conclave of Canada dated October 9, 1855. The Grand Encampment of England authorized Hugh de Payens to take Rank and Precedence from February 12, 1824, the date of the original Warrant. Warrant No. 22 ER was surrendered on the formation of the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada and Warrant No. 1 was issued under date July 8, 1884 to “Hugh de Payens , the Premier Preceptory”. Sources: Proceedings 1855 andr CMRA Volume 1 Paper 12, October 10, 1952, M. Em. Kt. Reginald Vanderbilt Harris. Referred to as “#1″ for the first time in Annual Proceedings of August 7, 1877 of the National Great Priory of Canada. Constituted and Consecrated July 10, 1854.


Kingston Masonic Centre: 954 Hudson Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 5K6

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